2013 Ends

Here in Japan only 2 hours and half is left for this year, 2013.
It was so blessed a year for me. One thing I felt sorry was, I have not so many chances to write and read blogs. It is due to my lack of skills in English and drawing, and imagination…but I will not give up and manage to carry on this blog.
I have changed the banner for the new year. The symbol of this year is horse. I like this species with gentle eyes, kind heart, friendship and intelligence.
I pray for all people, animals, living things and all things on earth. May God fill this world with love and remove hate from all our hearts. Wish you a happy new year 2014!



Wish you all have peaceful Christmas!
Today I’d like to draw a sparrow, on which Jesus often comments in His Sermon.
In the room of the apartment I lived before, sparrows come so often to the balcony, despite that I had nothing to eat for them there, besides four little flowerpots. They perched on the framework the handrail, hopped here and there on the floor of concrete, and around the flowerpots. Every time they came, I took my camera out carefully so that I’d not frighten them, and took their picture.
Once a gentleman in the church told me, which pleased me so much: “I like that you talk about sparrows and show us their pictures you took. They remind me of Jesus. I imagine He felt relaxed when He saw sparrows playing around Him, through His busy days preaching and healing people ”

This is one of the best shot I had taken. It’s not attributed to my skill. It was thanks to the sparrow who came so near that everyone could take such photo easily.

This time I liked a bold stroke to trace the outlines of the sparrow’s body, face and the texture of the feathers.

This has an atmosphere of Chinese ink drawing, isn’t it?
Then I painted each part with the corresponding color. This time I didn’t use the backet tool, which would leave a trace of blank edges. And I put the color over the outlines, without minding the paint should cover the outlines. In consequence, every outlines were left with different boldness, which I liked.
This is the sparrow on the snow-covered ground. This time I left the snow without peculiar coloring.

Quantized Desert

Ahhh we have only a few days to Christmas, but this year I have only a few pictures for that.
This time I’d like to draw a desert, as one in Judea, where Jesus used to went around.

This is the picture of some desert, which had been uploaded in Wikipedia

Ah, this may be difficult to mock, for it has complicated structure of light and shadow with so many pebbles and rocks.
First I mocked the outline…

Then I started painting to express the fine structure…but wait.

This should not be my work. There would be lots of painters far greater than I in such a delicate work.
I’d rather use some other funny ways which would go along with me well.

Recently I learned about analog-digital conversion, in which man divide the analog data into fine finite members and set each member a finite and uniform value.
As the particles and the light and shadow in the photo seems me infinite, I’d like to adopt this method.

Now I divided the outlined picture in meshes.

Then I painted a single mesh, or a group of meshes, in such colors that “I feel like to use with no special reason”

This work did not need logical or technical decision, but boldness and don’t-worry-be-happyism.
And the result is as below.

The small white figures in the picture are Jesus and the serpent(seducer). This time I painted them in white, because I imagined that Jesus was so exhausted and powerless through the long fasting and wandering. Why I painted the serpent also in white, I’m not sure. Maybe because I don’t regard daemon or satan or such unholy existence as His enemy. They may all be just lucking of holiness and they would want to have some connection with Him in their own ways.


Jesus is the shepherd and we are sheep. But can I draw sheep enough distinct from other animals in the pasture?

My idea for sheep had been like this:

I think it is not so apart from what ordinary Japanese imagine, because this image comes from what I mocked the illustration tutorial for children when I was one.

Since sheep is not so widely held in Japanese farms, this image rather from Ariel of Zodiac.

I found most sheep as the farm animal(namely, lead by shepherd) don’t have so big horns. So I started to draw in this way.

Well, something is wrong…It seems like a horse head artificially embedded in the wooly body.

Horse, no, sheep is not a horse, but close to cattle.
Now I find the face of cattle is more triangular.

And it(sheep or cattle) has longer neck as I had imagined. To put an accent on the neck, the body should be a bit shortened.

This is my recent image of sheep.


I had been these two days wondering whether a bunch of grape is up-to-date to draw under the theme of Christmas.

I have once drawn one one day, not in this season of the year, in some tricky way (Fruit of God.). But this time I wanted to use an honest way.

Though grape is not a kind of fruits for Christmas, but it’s the symbol of abundant blessing of Jesus. He is the true grape tree and we are his branch.

Thus, again I got a photograph of an ordinary bunch of grape and made an attempt of sketch it.

For the concept “abundant” I imagine spheres stuck three -dimensionally, vise versa. When I was at school, I loved to look at crystal models with spheric atoms, drawn on 2D plane using many tricks, no, methods, to show it as 3D structure.

A 3D expression on the plane is, in consequence,
(1) Things near are big, far are small.
(2) One or more parts of the things behind are cropped and replaced with the figure of the things in front.
(3) A single part of a thing is painted pale and the other dark.

In the case of a bunch of grape, (1) is not used, for the whole bunch is near at hand.
Thus (2) is important. Namely, some circles are eaten the others:

To express the depth to the stem of the bunch, some circles should be eaten by multiple circles.

And the whole figure should be irregular. For example, one may want to fill this dent by some circles, but better not to do.

Then drawing was complete.

In painting the method (3)(pale-dark gradation) shall be used. But in the case of grape, another pale color is needed. It is the color of natural wax on the peel(bloom). Without it the grape would look like a plastic fake.

So this is the picture of today. The pale rainbow color in the background means hope for the next year 2014.

Sea of Galilee

This scene of Jesus calling Simon-Peter and Andrew on the boat at the Sea of Galilee was what I had wanted to draw for a long time.

I imagine the boat was at a certain distance from the shore, because they were catching fish with the net.

The hurdle to draw the scene of the Sea was how to paint the water. This time I got several photos of the Sea of Galilee and took some close look at them.

Then I found, the deep green color of the water, which would represents the beauty of this sea, should appear in the image as much smaller area than I had expected, and at quite a far distance. The wide area near at hand looked rather grayish.(The purple object at the furthest is the mountainous area)

Also the lowest part of the sky should weather pale color and the vivid blue color should appear up above.

Through this consideration I learned “If you like to paint the scene in a wide view, don’t paint the nearest area in a vivid colors, but do in ones the far area”

Then the ripples. I’m not sure if I could express them well…
Anyway for the first time I tried to draw thin lines in the water, which made the picture ridiculous, though.

So I drew rather thick line in the color I want to use for the thin lines, over which I painted roughly in the color of the matrix again, so that the thin should remain.
I used the same way for the gravel path.

(The scene itself)

I’m sorry, it’s too late and I’m so sleepy that my explanation of the picture for today might be quite bad.

Like Doves

“And when Jesus was baptized, …the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to rest on him (Matthew 3:16, ESV)”

“It is like a dove, but not an actual dove, but the Spirit,” is often required the attention.
If so, however, it will be more gorgeous to imagine, a lot of , each of which is something like a dove, descending towards Jesus. Why not? It’s Christmas. Celebrate Him well.

I have several different movies which describe the scene of Jesus being baptized, in one of which the river was quite muddy, by which I was so much impressed. So I painted the river in brown.
The figure of the man with semi-long hair is Jesus, and the other with broccoli-like hair is John the Baptist.

It required some thinking to draw this picture. I wanted to draw the scene as viewed from the above. Then I knew some perspective consideration would be required, namely, to change the size and population of dove-like figure by location. But I couldn’t imagine how to do it.

(Many dove-like figure to descend toward the figure pointed by the arrow)

So I fixed for the first time the basic curve, assuming it to be at a certain altitude, and drew the lines towards the targeted figure.

Then drew a new curve, assuming it to be at the higher altitude than the first curve, and also drew lines towards the same target.

The third curve was assumed to be at lower altitude than the first curve.

In this way I added curves at higher and lower altitudes. I found that in the higher direction above the black basic curve could not be added so many, for they look like locating behind the target.

So I quit to draw these contour lines and then, thought about what size of dove-like figures to set at these points.
What I found was, Larger dove-like figure must be located at the isoline of shorter diameter, because such line is closer to the viewpoint(from above).
On the other hand, small figures must be gathered around the target, because they are located as low as the target.
Thus, the figures to draw large found to be much less than it had been expected.

Deleting the lines…

In coloring the dove-like figure I was confused which figures should be painted in lighter color, nearer to the viewpoint(large) or to the target(small)?
I’m not sure if I decided well this time, but I adopted the “brighter” yellow for the nearer figures.

At last, I covered the two facing corner with clouds. I didn’t mind to delete some figures under the clouds. Thus the picture shown the first was completed.

It happened to become a tough work. But this kind of happening would enrich my drawing experience.