SRAM and DRAM – their basic structures

Yesterday I had lectures, it was after 2 week’s absence during holidays (In fact I go to the Univ every Thursday only, so I had been only 2 days out of it).
In the lecture “System LSI Design” I learned about SRAM and DRAM.

SRAM, static RAM, has already been before DRAM created.
The simplest SRAM unit is composed of two NOR NOT(Oops, Inverter) logic gates, which are connected to make a serial loop. The loop work as the simplest flip-flop circuit.
Two transistors are added respectivery for input and output. Each NOR NOT gate has two transistors.
In total, therefore, the most basic SRAMS are composed of 6 transistors.

DRAM, dynamic RAM, has a capacitor(we call it in japan rather condenser) to charge/release, and a trainsistor.


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