SRAM and DRAM – costs

Wow, it’s already Wednesday, tomorrow I have the lectures. This week I had little time to write about what I learned. I would like to continue, because it will be a great help to memorize the knowledge I have got and mistakes I have done. In the previous post I mixed up NOT and NOR, which I do often. This time it was inscribed my memory.

LSI gets more expensive as its size(area) gets larger. As DRAM consists of only one capacitor and one transistor, it occupies only 1/10 area as SRAM does. Without DRAM Personal Computers had not been produced.

On the other hand, it is difficult to fix the capacitor’s quality in producing DRAM. SRAM is consists of only transistors, so one could even say “If you have transistors and a circuit diagram, you can make SRAM up by your hands.” For DRAM, experienced engineers and trial- errors are needed. So it might cost higher to get start to produce DRAM than SRAM.


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