Thank you Iran

Recently I knew that in Iran people held a charity consert to support Japan. The news moved me very much.
I knew that Iran suffers also often earthquakes. But I had believed “Japan is stronger against earthquakes. other countries haven’t prepared for it.”
What is the situation now in Japan? Earthquake and Tsunami have taken away lives, possessions, put severe damages on Industry, caused destruction of Nuclear power station and following contamination with radioactive elements, which has not yet find a way to stop. They have also exposed many faults in japanese society. Even people, who has not suffered directly from the disaster, have continuous fear in the future.
I regret my arrogance in the past and feel grateful to iranian people, who care for us.
Middle East – one might call the region in English. On the other hand we call there Western Asia. There is now a movement, which is now painful and sanguinary. I wish the leaders of armed strength to realize, human being could be so easily killed by natural disaster that it’s nonsense to use weapons.


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