Using flash memory

“Flash memory can keep its data for 10 years”

Said the professor. As a matter of fact I could not agree with him, because I had just had another USB memory go kaput in that morning. It would not be detected by any PCs any more. It was third time I had done it in these 10 months or so. But I thought my cases were special, because I had put them in and pull them out frequently between my MacBook and Windows PCs. If flash memory devices were held unmoved in cellular phone, digital camera etc. Its data would be more stable. So I kept silence.

“But it takes 1ms for access, that is unbelievably slow. Animals with superior visual senses, like birds or dolphin, could see it reading or writing data. Flash memory would not be sold in the Dolphin’s empire, it there were one.”

“There are two types of flash memory, NAND and NOR. Before it was said, NOR type costs more but has higher quality than NAND type. But now, NAND is improved enough for a usual use. So if you find in a catalogue for a device you would like to buy that NOR type flash memory is embedded in it, you should ask the vendor why, or you might be about to pay for an unreasonable cost.”


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