Eloctron, positive hole and Chinese Philosopher

In the lecture of “System LSI”, told us the professor.
“Years ago, there was an incident, that had changed my idea of teaching dramatically.”

“In the examination I made a question – which is the right carrier of nMOS, an electron or a positve hole?”

“I had expected that to this question, 70% of the students could write as electron(電子), 20% would write as positive hole (正孔), and the rest 10% could not write anything.”
“But looking at the answer sheets I was shocked –
Only 30% wrote as 電子, 30% worte as 正孔, and 20% wrote as 孔子.”

孔子 is the name of a famous philosopher in ancient China. In English he might be called “Confucius.”

“孔子 might have brought various ideas, but no electric charge, I suppose. I beg you, my students, please don’t be confused and select one from the two options. Please do not synthesize your own answer. “


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