Today I went to the university. Before the first lecture of the day, the professor told us:

“From tomorrow, July 1st, we are obliged to cut 15% power consumption compared to that of last year. Last year that was 1500kwh, so we have to save 750kwh every day.
We estimate that it could be accomplished by lowered air conditioning and illumination. Especially we want to limit the illumination only in the front area of the classroom, so we ask for students, who are always sitting in the rear area, to take your seats nearer to the blackboard.”
“Despite such control the power consumption might rise unexpectedly, so the alarm would be broadcast all over the campus to shutdown air conditioners, illuminations and computers. The lectures will be closed or carried on without electricity. ”

I wish that matter would not come.



The summer is coming.
Yesterday I was walking in the street in the heat under the bright sun, when I saw a truck of one of the major logistic company in Japan.

This company had had for a long time a logo of Hikyaku, a japanese traditional mailman of 300 years ago. But recently the logo has been changed into that of a delivery man with its modern uniform.

The reason for alteration of the logo is unknown, but I suspect, a figure of half-naked man might have been avoided, as the business is extended to the world?

Hundreds years ago in Japan many men worked half-naked, only with a cloth band wrapping around their waists, called “Fundoshi”. It is similar to “T-back” style for sexy women.
Of course, Fundoshi is not for sex appeal. Tokyo has been a city, since it was called “Edo”, where in the summer it is hot. It has been quite reasonable that men work with as smaller clothes as they could. Jacket, trousers and ties…they are not suitable for Japanese workers.

But the “Cool-biz” is not yet enough admitted in Japanese society.

She’s a kind woman

Yesterday my husband I went to a store for electronic products.
He wanted a headphone for his iPod. He has a keen interest in sound quality. He has used a BOSE’s noise-canceling “Quiet Comfort” for so long a time, that now the coating of ear pads is cracked into flakes.

In the store there was a special table, at which various samples of headphones were set to be connected to a sound source.
“It is written that you can test every headphones with a sample music provided by the store.” I told him.
“Sample music? by whom?”
I found the display of the sample music at the edge of the table.
“Lady Gaga san”
I call her with “san,” which is a japanese expression of respect.
He said, “I hear Lady Gaga san is a kind woman. She supports Japan after the earthquake.”
“You know that, too? Yes she is.”

Thus she is now thanked by many Japaneses.
As for a headphone, he could not find a good one to buy.


This month the electricity provider TEPCO have tried to operate the water cleaning system, which remove radioactive elements from water by adsorbents.
All nuclear reactors must be kept cooling by water, and contaminated water is accumulated in a temporary container, and it is going to be filled.
American and French apparatuses are provided (on the courtesy, as I remember) and they are trying to recycle the cooling water.

But they have failed to run them so many times.
Each day, every 5- 6 hours, the news has reported “The test run was suspended, for a trouble of …..”
and soon after each trouble, there has been additional report, “The recent trouble was found to be a misunderstanding of operator in manipulation of….”

“Why do they misunderstand in everything?”
I have once much irritated and told loud, though to no one.
“I suspect, they cannot read manuals of those apparatuses, because they must be written in English, or even french”

“I can’t blame the operators,”
said my husband.
He said,
“Those apparatuses of special uses have often indicators, that are so specific to the manufacturers, that they are even ambiguous. For example, only tiny triangles, slightly inclined arrows, in/out notices without any other explanations. It was unfortunate that they had no time to get used of those specific concepts of indications”

I could agree with him, because he, as an engineer, always criticizes TEPCO’s lacking ability in management and technological operation much harder than I.

Thank you Lady Gaga

The singer Lady Gaga is now in Japan.

Unfortunately I am a metal kid and her music is not in my area, but her way of life as an artist seems to me to admire.

I have read about her in an american magazine. It was written, she is not a superstar far away from her fans, but a big monster who cares about her “little monsters”.
Her fans often say they feel saved or released by her lyrics, that accept every way of life, which is in their society often thought abnormal or inferior.

Now she is in Japan to appeal in the world, that Japan is now safe and worth to come to, as she says.
It was a greatly encouraging word after the earthquake and the nuclear disaster.
I wish from the heart her concert would be filled with Japanese little monsters and make a great success.


Our city Chigasaki is located at a coast, faced at the ocean, so it is usually windy. In the spring time the wind is very strong. I feel it not so cold, because I have long lived in Sendai, where in the spring time the wind is like a sharp edge, but the wind here pushes me forward or backward when I am walking in the street.
In summer thanks for the wind this area is kept cooler than Tokyo or other area around it. At least, one feel cooler, when he goes out.
The Problems are, the strong wind often shakes our wooden house. After the earthquake in March 11, everyone in Japan is more nervous against shaking.
What is worse, the door of the toilet in our house opens suddenly and automatically, because of the wind from a little window inside. That surprises me bad, instead I have long known the phenomena.

The Longest Day

Today June 22nd was Solstice, the day at which the sun goes the highest route in the sky and stays for the longest time of the day.

Usually in Japan Solstice in June is in the midst of rainy season and the sky is covered with clouds, but today it was fine, too fine around Tokyo.

Around Tokyo there is a electricity crisis, so the dwellers, offices, institutes and factories are strongly warned to keep from air conditioner, or a total blackout would occur.

TEPCO (This electricity provider is now known in an undesirable way all over the world) said, the most dangerous time for the electricity demand would be 13:00-15:00 in the afternoon, the hottest hours of a day.

Today, we could avoid the blackout. However, the peak of consumption resulted in 16:00-17:00.
I suppose, in the hottest time everyone in the area around Tokyo was aware of saving power, and in such later afternoon turned on the switch again.

Wonderful! But could we carry on with this pacience for more than 2 month from now?