Challenging to Chaos (prologue)

In the lecture named “Mathematical phenomena and its analysis” we were asked a report to submit until the end of this month.
The question was, “Pick up a category of mathematical phenomena and explain about it in 4-5 sheets of paper.”
And several examples of categories were suggested: chaos, fractal, newral network, nonlinear differential equation, etc, etc…

I chose chaos.
Since everything seemed complicated, I took the simplest way to select: the first option in the list.
Yesterday I went to a bookstore and looked for a book about chaos.
First I found three-volume set of it, which seemed impossible to read in a month (leaving a few days to write about it).
Then eventually I found a single book, written originally by an american professor and translated in Japanese.
I took it and went to the casher, then I found it costed 4000 yen (c.a. 40 dollars)
Expencive! For that I could buy a HDD with a good capacity.
But no other way. I bought it.

As soon as I came home I started reading it. Giving it up would mean that I threw away 4000 yen in a ditch.

(to be continued)


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