Changing HDD of MacBook

My MacBook Pro had 500GB HDD, which was going to filled with data. I don’t exactly know what data had so much amounted. Maybe my everyday photo (ca.50MB a day) and a few HDD image files for VirtualBox (10-30GB per VM).

What was worse, recently it often fell in memory shortage, that is, a strange process called “Report Crash” or “Crash Report” occupied large part of memory with non-stop revolution of fan.

So I just have changed the HDD of it to a new 750GB disk and re-installed OS. I had to remove 10 screws, long and short, and go into complicated and fragile electronic devices.

When I took the old HDD out, I felt something pulling back against me, and soon found it was the ribbon-type cable connecting the drive to the board. That was the most horrified moment of all processes.

And I had to detach four screws from both sides of the HDD in order to put them to the new one. Those screws were taking the role of handles to be fixed with brackets. They need to a special form of driver called “Torx”. It was lucky my husband, an engineer, had one in his pen-stand.

I have finished to update the OS and iLife. Yet there are many data to migrate from the old to the new HDD.


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