Online Update of Office for Mac 2008

I have MS-Office for Mac 2008.
The original version, just as installed from the media, had too slow a performance, unbearable to use. With SP1 became it much improved and most of the problems seemed to be solved.

This time I re-installed Mac OS X of my MacBook, I had to re-install Office 2008 again.
This time, when I tried to make online update, the process were turned to be more complicated.

For the online update, an add-on software for it was required.
I had to get it directly from web.
When I selected from the menu of Word “Help” – “Check an update program (or something, I’m not sure because I use a japanese edition)”, a window came out to show the very URL to download the updater.

The updater was obtained as a dmg file to be installed independently.

After installing it, Office 2008 came to be capable for online update, as before.

I suppose, since the current version of Office is already 2011, the operation for the version 2008 became complicated as such.


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