Children of Bodom in Yokohama

Today my husband and I went to “Children of Bodom”‘s concert in Yokohama.

It was a very impressive concert, because the ticket were sold in the next day of the big earthquake in eastern Japan.
It was doubtful at that time, if the gig would be held, but I bought two tickets through the net, as if I bought a lottery.

The concert were held at a live house in Yokohama. It was filled with the audience.
There played a band named Amorphis and then COB.

I confess Amorphis were a bit boring. I appreciate their ability of performance, but all numbers sounded me much the same. They used death and clean voice through the music in middle tempo. There was not so much guitar solo. I hope them more tension and variation in the music.

COB – now I realize why they are now so big. each of their songs is well written to be impressed, trimmed very short and concentrated.
Their performance were incredible and the audience got crazy. The last number “Hate crew deathroll” were even difficult to hear, under roaring of the audience. Alexi Laiho really attracted them.

Anyway I thank them, both Amorphis and COB, to come to play in Japan, which is yet unstable after the earthquake and radioacrive disaster.


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