The Longest Day

Today June 22nd was Solstice, the day at which the sun goes the highest route in the sky and stays for the longest time of the day.

Usually in Japan Solstice in June is in the midst of rainy season and the sky is covered with clouds, but today it was fine, too fine around Tokyo.

Around Tokyo there is a electricity crisis, so the dwellers, offices, institutes and factories are strongly warned to keep from air conditioner, or a total blackout would occur.

TEPCO (This electricity provider is now known in an undesirable way all over the world) said, the most dangerous time for the electricity demand would be 13:00-15:00 in the afternoon, the hottest hours of a day.

Today, we could avoid the blackout. However, the peak of consumption resulted in 16:00-17:00.
I suppose, in the hottest time everyone in the area around Tokyo was aware of saving power, and in such later afternoon turned on the switch again.

Wonderful! But could we carry on with this pacience for more than 2 month from now?


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