Before going out

Today I woke up at 5 o’clock and have been working with my laptop. Now it’s 6:20. 10 minutes later I will wake my husband up, prepare breakfast and go to the university to take lectures.
No, I’m not a woman who is managing with a great effort to playing both roles of housewife and other(students, working woman, etc).
My householding work needed is always really light. Just because I like to get up early and he dosen’t like. Our breakfast is always a slice of toast and a cup of hot milk with cofee powder for each. And I go to university only once a week.
The heaviest concern would be I have to water flowers and young trees in all my flowerpots and on the flowerbed, which I grow because I like gardening. But luckily it rained through the night and now have ceased. Good! Oh, it’s already 6:30. Go, go.


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