Oooo I have been so long apart from this blog.
July was a good tough month for me.
I had a deadline for my next book and two documents for the lectures, which I take in the University.

Let’s talk about the documents, which I have noted above.
There are often some documents, which we, those who learn at Universities, call “reports”.
In a lecture the professor gives the students one or more questions and asks each of them to write his answer into a document.
Each students hands it to the professor, and from it the professor judges whether the student understand his lecture good or not.
The act of handing a report for the above reason we call “to submit a report to the professor.”

This education system in Universities may not be particular within Japan, but I don’t know an exact name in English.
“To submit a report” sounds like such an act that a researcher reports his result to a corresponding organization or something, doesn’t it?


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