My work and vacation

A long long term of running toward deadlines, which came one after another while I was running, was over.

I write books von Beruf.
In fact, that brings not so much income that I could live on.
Because I am a housewife and it’s a part time job.
In fact, the above reason is not correct. I have no children and my husband doesn’t want me a complete householding, So I can a pretty amount of time for writing.
I should say, therefore, that I have not yet enough talent to live on it.
Perhaps it is quite a japanese way to making this kind of explanation, which no one would care…

I write for only one publisher, which runs a monthly magazine and books.
For a book, the editor gives me a topic and I make a plan of what to write.
Every book has 200-300 pages.
It is required to write one in 2-3 months. The exact schedule is on my decision. But, once I told it to the editor, I have to meet the deadline, for he make his own schedule after I send him the first draft.
I usually set a period for one book within two months, for my work is targeted to beginners with a simple and friendly explanation, rather than deep contemplation or detailed inspection.
On the other hand I write an article or more for the monthly magazine of the same publisher. It takes a day or two (for three pages), sometimes a week (for more), to write one.

Total amount of work comes to a good amount for me.

In addition, I go to university once a week for an adult education. It is not a special education system taylored for adults, which had long been apart from lectures, but the very lectures which the students take. So sometimes it takes me a lot of time to prepare for it.

Since last autumn I wrote four books – Ruby on Rails, iMovie, Android programming and the one which is not to be announced before it is published. Articles for the magazine, which is simply uncountable. I took 6 lectures, all of which were so precious.

And now, I’m going to be in vacation, that is, I will not get a new topic from my editor for a while, because he will take his own vacation.

What I’m going to do then?
At first, I will learn English more.


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