Gate Array

Gate Array is one of the typical method of producing an LSI chip in ASIC.

Gate-arrayed boards are already made and sold, which en engineer is only to buy.

Just as named gate-arrayed board is a certain size of board on which transistors, as much as millions, are arrayed like on a chessboard.

A unit as this is already made and arranged.

An engineer only draws wire, as he like, among those units.

It enables a rapid development. To complete the product in a day is not impossible. Usually, it will take a month or so to produce a typical type of LSI.

On the other hands, it will cost much and performance of the product is low, and power-consuming.

Assume one is in a dead hurry to make up 2-input NAND, which requires 4 transistors.
He would buy a gate-arrayed board with 10 millions of it.
Only a small area of the product would be actually used.

This would waste size, money, power, but earn only time.

Now this gate-array processing is rarely used.
The rare example is a few basic access points of NTT handy phones, our professor says.


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