While talking about CMOS, our professor also said:

“Those who could so complicated diagrams only with nMOS at that time had seemed to be promised, that they would with such technique of them never lose their roles to play. But once CMOS had become available, all needs for such technique were lost and they had to begin from the beginning of CMOS technology.”

“Remember that such a critical change will occur anytime in anything – suddenly a new method appears and denies all old methods. Take FORTRAN as an example. 20-30 years ago, it was an all-mighty language. And now? Everyone learns the language C. and it might be a high time that a new one comes next to replace C with.”

“Nevertheless, at least for two or more years, when you would be at an interview in any electronics vendor to get a job there, you would be required to explain about this CMOS inverter’s diagram. So check it out.”


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