History of transistors? – sorry not found

Wow, today I spent too much time to search a document which would explain the history of transistors, to corroborate what I had learned in the University. Unfortunately I could not find a detailed one.

For example, which was developed earlier, nMOS or pMOS? I remember I heard nMOS was at least practically used earlier. But now I see the process to make CMOS and feel that pMOS has a simpler structure.

In many documents there was written that in 19XX AAA and BBB in CCC institute developed the first DDD. But there were no further information like that the first DDD would have been made of EEE and FFF or n-type or p-type. Well, I had felt too easy to get knowledge instantly. I should have obtained certain books. It’s hight time to get back to my work – to write in Japanese how to use BlackBerry more comfortable, etc.


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