To Sendai

I am now on the Shinkansen Express to Sendai, to visit my parents’ grave, following a japanese tradition that everybody would do it in this season every year.
This year it was a little tough travel to get to shinkansen. I live in chigasaki and I was on the Tokaido line to Tokyo, where a trouble occurred and my train stopped at Kawasaki Stn., at about 10:10.
Since the crew said it would not until 10:50 start again, I, who to take 11:08 Shinkansen, decided to get off the train and took Keikyu line to Shinagawa.
In the crowded train for Shinagawa I heard a broadcast Tokaido line had started again at 10:10. Hidoi.
Anyway from Shinagawa to Tokyo I took Yamanote line. The severest hurdle was to find out the platform of Tohoku Shinkansen from the place where I got off Yamanote line, for I only knew to get there from the platform of Tokaido line.
I don’t know whether I should have left in the first train. But it was sure I have got a good experience to manage with a train trouble in Tokyo area.


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