Back Home

I woke up at 6:00 this morning in a hotel in Sendai.
I turn on the TV immediately. There was a news in TV, about the typhoon which is now in Japan.
It showed a diagram for distribution of clouds over Japan Islands.
A big cloud in a shape of crescent covered the north and west of Japan, leaving only the area including both Sendai and Tokyo without clouds.
What a peculiar distribution! But it often occurs with typhoon, because it rolls the clouds around it clockwise and Japan Islands are located in an unti-clockwise curve.

I decided to start back home immediately.
It was very convenient, that I could reserve a seat in Shinkansen express from my cellular phone. In fact, it was only weak rain in Sendai and not at all in Tokyo, while I travelled home.

Now I am in my house, preparing for the storm. It will go over our town in the evening.

By the way my husband had flown from Tokyo to Kyushu last night. Now he is in Saga. According to his mail there is no more effect of Typhoon there, but he will stay there, because he will not able to fly to Haneda tonight.


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