I was born and lived until 6 years old in Tokyo, then my father was ordered by his employer to work in Sendai, we moved there. and I lived there for 30 years. I studied and worked for a few years in Tohoku University in Sendai.

My mother died when I was a student in Univ. When I got a job in the Univ. where I had studied, my father moved to Tokyo and started his new job. It was 25 years ago.

My father died too, 6 years ago. And 6 months ago a big earthquake assaulted my hometown. But it is being recovered at an amazing speed.

This is the background of today, when I visited the grave where my parents sleep. I don’t know if Sendai is a lucky place for me or not, but it’s sure, I could never forget it as my hometown.


2 thoughts on “Sendai

    • Hi, It’s a nice surprise, I was born in Tachikawa, too! However I moved in Komazawa so soon, that I don’t remember the city of my birth. Unfortunately now there are yet too many problems to say “have a holiday in Japan!” But please look forward to seeing future rebuild of Japan.

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