Yesterday night it rained four hours, sometimes so hard, that the whole house vertically trembled with ultra-low noises.
It was so convenient that I could monitor how rain clouds flows over our dwelling area on websites of weather forecasters. The RADAR map for clouds over Kanagawa prefecture showed a small red-colored area, which meant a cloud causing heavy rain.
The cloud would not leave from above our head, that made me much irritated.

I basically like all weathers, but heavy rain makes me nervous, because I have a memory that I suffered from flood when I was a child. I lived with my parents and an elder sister in a two-storied house by the river. One evening, in the hour when father was out of work and sister at school, suddenly mother called me from downstairs and told me the water came to just under the floor of the house.

She asked me to help her raise tatamis and as many furniture as possible to upstairs or some higher places. She was a usual middle-aged woman and I was 12 year-old girl, but I remember we both had incredible power of emergency, that enabled us to move many of such heavy items.
From the bare-wooden floor after the tatamis had been removed came water like a slime monster, making its invading area grow bigger and bigger, which was the scene I would never forget.
It took not so long that water raised to under the knees. Then, suddenly father and sister came home together, walking in the water. I don’t remember exactly how they dared to come home.
Anyway we evacuated once upstairs and stayed for an hour or two, then the rescue (actually firemen) came and guided us to the evacuation place, the community hall in the town. At that time I was not afraid any more, because all the family were with me, and just had fun with unordinary experience of being brought to the hall on a fire engine (Now I wonder if the fire engine was robust against the water).
We stayed at the hall over night. Next day the weather was cleared out, the water went away, leaving half damaged tatamis, immersed items, and wet floors under which disinfection was needed.
It took a month or so to restore the usual way of living. But we were lucky. the damage were small and soon after that we moved to a 4th floor of an apartment in the higher place.

Nevertheless the above memory have made me nervous against the rain. The cloud of yesterday eventually went around midnight, which made me enough saved that I could sleep. And today I’m glad the weather has become perfect.


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