Yesterday we went to Machida, as described in the previous post.
In every shop we entered, there were full of decoration of orange and black – for Halloween.

It is only recently, that Halloween has become familiar in Japan.
When I was a child it was only within the world of PEANUTS comic. I could not understand what was so funny that the boy Linus spoke about the pumpkin king who he believed to appear in the Halloween night, because I did not know the standard image of the fest.

Since a few years ago, children in the neighborhood have begun a parade in the evening of the end of October.
It is however quite a polite one under their parents’ control.
They even don’t come to houses they don’t know. I imagine, they visit their own houses round, where their parents would prepare “treat” for them.

A few days before the parade every year, a paper is put in our mailbox, with the notice : “Our children have a parade in the Halloween night. Please forgive us to make some noise on the street”
And there is actually far from a noise. Last year I heard at the very evening, around 7 pm, infant voices whispering and multiple light footsteps, that was all. Or it might have been only other children on their way home from their juku(teaching service after the school).


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