Goodbye and Hello

Now I’m feeling better. I’m now thinking about why I had been so depressed on changing my washing machine and feeling like I found the reason, at least, the background for that.

Though I believed I was right to do so, I still felt sorry for my old one, which still had had no problem.
Today I wiped it clean and told it, “I’m sorry, you had nothing wrong, but I decided to adopt one with less power and water consumption.”

The recent Japanese law of recycling demands that some electronic devices must not be thrown away as garbages, but sent to legal recycling workshop. The retailer will manage that at an additional charge of 2,000 – 3,000 yen, as much as price of a pizza?
I had not liked this law because of such an expense, but today I thanked it for the old machine would be recycled in any way, somewhere.

And a moment ago I dropped in at the new washing machine and told it, “Hallo, I’m sorry I had not greeted you. Welcome, and lets try your first washing tomorrow”


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