New washing machine

I bought a new washing machine. The new one will save water and electricity better.
Though I should be very pleased with my new machine, but I’m feeling a little bit down now.

Two gentlemen delivered the machine and installed it in the space, designed for setting a washing machine equipped with hydrophobic floor and water valve and drain.
Electronic apparatus are getting bigger in size as new models are released. Does that mean houses in Japan are getting bigger too? I don’t know. Thanks for my husband, who had measured every length characteristic for the space, the machine I have chosen just fitted there.

When one of them tested to put water in the machine, he found that water was leaking from the junction of the tube and the valve.
“I think the leak is not from between the tube and the valve, but inside the valve itself,” he said.
I was shocked. In the very morning I had used the old machine without problem. But for me it was clear, too, the leak was not his fault. The packings or something in the valve must have been aged and in a critical condition and sooner or later water might have started to leak.

“Shall I change some part of the valve? we are prepared for such a matter.”
Though it cost a little more.

Thus the leak seemed to stop. Then he said “Say, the drain pipe is not so deeply inserted in the hole as what you used before. I think it will be alright, but please take care if the pipe is not detached.”
This made me down again.

The work was done and they left, and I am now feeling down. It’s because a slight anxiety against water leak. As I had suffered flood and got many of our belongings wet, twice in the lifetime, I am especially nervous against trouble with water.

Tomorrow I will be OK and try to wash with it in early hours.


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