Protect Jobs

I happend to read a web article of a few years ago, over a situation of Japanese small factories just after the great recession in 2009 had begun, written in an American press.

Those factories, as it was written, who made fundamental part of automobile or other machines, lost more than half as much order as they had received before. But employers of those factories would not fire their workers. Each of them made a great effort to find new customers of any field or develop a new project, in order to give their workers some jobs and thus wages.
Ah, I know this story. I have seen the report in a news program on TV before. I had been much impressed with the effort of the employers to preserve jobs.

But interestingly, in that American document, such struggles of the owners were explained as strange obsession, based on permanent employment, which was also a strange japanese habit.

It was interesting. I didn’t get that aspect wrong. It is interesting to know how foreign people look at Japan.

Nevertheless, there is one thing I’d like to explain. Small factories in Japan have many workers with extraordinary skills. If they left their workplace, their technique would be extinguished. The owners wanted to prevent it.

In other field of industry, there would be really fanatic obsession for the present position – especially in bureaucracy.


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