I was watering my flower bed, where I was bitten by mosquitoes.
Yes, there are still mosquitoes here, in october. Nevertheless Autumn is surely approaching, so they seemed to be struggling to survive, for they have bitten pin-point above the veins. In Summer they used to attack me quite randomly.

It’s a mystery. How could they know the most effective points on human body to collect blood?
Even a nurse making blood test would sometimes waver for a moment!

Mosquitoes are my enemies, especially because I often work on the flowerbed.
On the other hand, I am always interested in them.
Because they have a distinct characteristic to “live on human blood”!
Why such small, fragile species need so strong nourishment?
It is further a surprise that only a female would bite, to lay eggs, and a male would collect fruit’s juice or something.

Why are they so eager to keep number of their species?

It had been my question for a long time.
Recently, I came to an idea.
They try to bare a mutant, that would appear with very low possibility.
Hence they would evolve in a deadly long term!

But why especially mosquitoes? – I still seeking for answer to it.
Anyway, mosquito gave me a chance to think about the meaning of life….
We human being don’t need to wait for a mutant, because we can improve ourself in various ways. So why don’t we try it?

Thus mosquitoes are a special species for me. If they were not to carry virus, I could even give them some blood…But for sanity of the neighborhood, I must get rid of them.


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