Under the floor

Attitude of Japanese for/against nuclear power – it is hard to understand. I, myself Japanese, cannot, much less people in other countries.

Now is is often said “It’s nonsense to build a nuclear power station in such a quaking country!”. Japan has been quaking at least since 1923 and nuclear power station has been increased for these 40 years. Until now, very few have insisted that.

Now measurements of radioactivity in atmosphere are made in many places every day. Recently some points have been found, each showing a higher value than the average in its neighborhood, so called as “hot spot.” Radioactivity meters for personal use are sold very well.

On the other hand, it was reported yesterday, that an abnormally high radiation was detected in a very limited area in Tokyo, where people ordinarily live. An opinion of some specialist for the cause was also reported, supposing “rain water might have been pooled there for a long time,” but soon afterwards from under the floor of an empty house just in that area some discarded bottles of radioactive radium(former it was said uranium) was found.

Such a damned item had been left untouched for years!

Now it is, not officially, reported, on those bottles were labels marked as fluorescent material produced by a paint maker.

Such products had been dealt with at someone’s home!

Soon this incident came to be a “local news.” not related to nuclear power stations, no fear of destructive will, effects in limited area. One more careless handling of hazards, as is often the case. The police will pick up who was responsible, and all factories of similar products will be examined, and some of them will be accused of similar carelessness toward similar radioactive material. And people will start again to discuss where the next big earthquake will occur.

But I don’t forget that many people of the world are still praying for this strange country. We shall live here, keeping energies for talking and writing, laughing and crying, to answer them.


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