Pray for Thailand, and Libya

I had heard about the flood in Thailand, but as I had been recently possessed with my personal affairs, I did not until today the situation was so bad.
According to the news, heavy rain has been falling since July and it would continue at least for weeks. It would be for me, who hates flood especially, terrible to be left in a flooding situation – which is being worse – for more than three months.

While I was writhing this draft last night, the news of the world is Libya jumped in. In 2011 there is too many sad news in the world (Thinking of people dead through the battle and crackdown, Arab Spring is taken as sad news) . Some people in north eastern Japan say they would like to cut the year 2011 off from the history and throw it away. I would not say so far, because there would be also babies who were born, people who has accomplished some valuable things through great difficulties, in this year…But it’s true, that I am now wondering if I would like to write the new year cards in this December.

First thing I can do now is playing for countries in tragedy, Thailand, Libya…and too many.
Thinking of people under violence of climate, especially, I tighten my mind to save energy consumption, to decrease carbon dioxide as much as possible…It is ironic, though, energy consumption must be related to Arabian countries, because too much demand of oil production causes most of instabilities there.


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