Thailand, Pakistan, China…and Japan – there are many countries suffering from flood every year.
What is frustrating is that, on the other places of the earth, people longing for water. Africa, Australia…

Such system as to carry water from flooded region to deserted region must be constructed as soon as possible!

People might balk at it because of cost, but thinking about loss of lives and properties by flood and potential benefit from cultivation of desert, it is worth trying, I believe.

I have made out my idea for such system.
Pellets of a resin to swell lot of water must be prepared.

In a rainy region, water is absorbed into such pellets and forms tons of gel balls, which are stacked in containers and shipped to a dried region.

In the dried region such gel balls are used in greenhouses to give moisture within, under the heat of the sun. In such greenhouses tropical plants will grow.

When the gels shrink into dry pellets again, they are shipped back to the rainy region for reuse.

My idea of carrying water overseas

Assuming that pellets could be perfectly reused, costs emerging from this system is only transportation and worker’s wages. Water should not be charged, because it is beneficial for the area shipping water out, too.

Can anyone adopt my idea into practice? Toray? I will not claim propriety. All for the world’s sake!


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