Cold!…but all right.

Nowadays the weather is changing every day. When I got up this morning, the temperature of my room was 17.9 centigrade, according to the thermometer. It was the coldest of this season.

In Chigasaki, when the temperature outside falls below 20 centigrade, we dwellers say “Cold.”
And today? The lowest record of this morning was 9 centigrade! It was as if winter had come suddenly.

Only for 30 minutes in the morning, I used the air conditioner to raise the temprecure to 20 degrees, because I saw my breath frosting white (That’s exaggerating, the truth is “condensing white”). From that time on, I am carrying on in the room without air conditioning. It is now 18.7 degrees.

I wear threefold, all in fleece, and covering my knees with a blanket. I am weak at cold rather than heat. But I’d like to stay this winter using heater, by either electricity or fuel, for as short time as possible.

In the last March, just after the disaster, we had rolling blackouts for a few weeks. We had to carry on without electricity for about three hours in a day. At that time we felt so sad and anxious about the future of this land. Now the situation is much better, so I will rather enjoy to save energy.


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