In the morning the news reported, that Xenon detected in the broken reactor in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant could be attributed to “a spontaneous fission reaction among the trace element in the reactor, which could happen even in a normally suspended reactor.”
It had not been evidenced, though, in some chemical or physical procedure. It was yet an assumption derived from a calculation from he amount of Xenon, which was said to be very small.
I wonder, why TEPCO had not prepared such simulations until they just announced about the Xenon detection and possibility of the chain reaction and threw people into anxiety.
Besides the doubt which is still remaining about the new optimistic explanation…

Yesterday a friend of mine in Germany wrote to me that Yasuhiro Sonoda drank a glass of water in Fukushima.
Sonoda Who?
As I did not know even how to write the name in Kanji, I googled for a news including that name in alphabet. The results were therefore posts by media abroad.

I was shocked.
The performance again!

“Again” means that these performance by politicians are often played here. I remember many years ago, when a BSD were suspected in the imported beef from the US, the minister of agriculture had a party and ate an stake of American Beef before the press. The similar “Even-I-can-eat-it Show” was performed also domestic sprout were alleged to be infected with O-157 bacteria.

But this time, as it was on an world-widely known incident, this political idiocy was broadcast around the world. That shocked me. I must refer that it was criticized by most japanese citizen as a childish and nonsense behavior.


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