Nowadays when one hear the word “Apple”, in singular form, one might imagine that company which recently lost its great co-founder. My topic of today is for “Apples”, as a kind of fruits.

My late mother was from Aomori prefecture, where apples are a major agricultural product, since long time ago. As she was a shy person, she would not have left her hometown, if she had not got married with my father (which is also gone), and followed him to Tokyo and then Sendai.
After she moved, her mother send her, e.g. us, a carton of apples every winter.

At that time Aomori’s apples were sourer, possibly because of their climate, than those of Nagano. I, as a child with a simple feeling of taste, prefered Nagano’s apples. Mother used to denounce me (as a joke) for that, telling I betrayed her.

Japanese farmers are always under the disadvantage that they cannot run huge firms for mass production and automation. Their product cost more than imported foods. Moreover, consumption of apples in Aomori(and possible Nagano either) are not increasing so much. Media say that, believe it or not, it’s because consumers are reluctant to take time to remove there peels before they eat them. Apples are much easier to be perished by oxidation, as soon as they were peeled. Juices and processed product like pies, dried slices, etc. therefore are also produced.

Now I live quite apart from Aomori, yet when winter comes, I buy one in the market here every day. These days I don’t mind whose product it may be – Aomori, Nagano, or any prefectures, in Japan. All products are now much sophisticated, they are sweet and juicy.


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