I had started this blog in order to improve my English. I have no special reason for that. I just think it necessary for Japanese to use more English to let the world know more about Japan. Recent disaster of earthquake and accidents in the nuclear plant has made such belief of mine even stronger.

I had once written here that to learn English it is most important to read, then to write, to listen and to speak. But for the knowledge of words, you could not write or speak, and words would be given by reading. Even if you can’t understand what the other speaks, you could ask him to write it. If you couldn’t speak well, you could write – that was my opinion.

But recently that has changed in me. I found that I cannot yet read and write sufficiently fast. And an idea came to me, that those difficulty might related to the fact that I speak English so bad.

Recently I felt like to practice something to speak in English. And I was shocked by the result, that nothing came out through my throat.

After efforts for a week or two, I am gradually getting accustomed to tell how I think of recent situation of Japan, things which I learned in the Univ, some literacies on Computers, what I did this week , etc. But in a terribly slow rate.

I regarded that it was because I cannot yet arrange the series of words to express what I want immediately.
I can read and write sufficiently, if I take as long time as like. But during that process the words come in and go out of my brain one by one in a serial sequence.

How is it when I handle my native language? I always handle a series of words together. I can input several sentences in two-dimentional form into my brain. While I write or speak in my native language, the words come one after another from my brain.

Unless I could handle English words just as above, I could never speak in English fluently.
In other words, to train to speak in English, I would be able to handle English words in larger groups, that would also enhance reading and writing.

For the reason above, I have started to speak in English.


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