The bandman, whom I introduced in the yesterday’s post, sent us a mail on last Sunday. He wrote that his band would play in the festival held by the local community in the next week. They were to rehearse on the previous day, but the two guitarists for the three would be absent from it.

“Will two of you, or at least one, play for those in the rehearsal?”

My husband would not spare time for it. I could. And I got much interested in it. Though I would not be able to play very well, I answered him I would come.

The bandman was very glad and gave me the chart of guitar chords for three pieces of music they would like to rehearse.

The chart was completely unfamiliar to me, because I only knew “power chords”, for which only two fingers were needed. Their music required more complex formation of all fingers on the strings, such as E minor, B seventh, etc.

For the first time the chords were so difficult, that I had to practice them over and over. Now I have memorized all the chords and the order of them in the music. The problem is sometimes it is hard to shift one chord to another.

Since the rehearsal is on the coming Saturday, this was for me completely “a guitar week.” My forefinger has been scratched, so I cover it by a piece of craft tape (a bandage is so soft that it will touch the strings). My neck is stiff because I had to always look at the fingerboard while playing. But I had a lot of fun. I will practice a little more today.


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