The stage is over

Today it was a fine day and I attended to the rehearsal by the band of a neighbor of mine. I confess I could not play very well but did my best. My neighbor bandman said I could do a great help for them to prepare for the stage tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go to see the performance by the full members.

A week of my hard training with the guitar is over. Sometimes it is good to concentrate something that is purely a hobby, as I had done during this week. It cleaned up my brain and heart and gave a feeling of being liberated.

Though, of course, I will continue practicing from tomorrow, too, but it’s time to put more weight on my work, i.e. writing books.

If I wanted to play more, I would not able to do much, for some time – I have pain in my neck, shoulders, fingers, waist and the right knee, for today I stood holding the guitar, with the strap hanging on my shoulder, and played it for more than three hours, including my personal rehearsal before the band’s rehearsal.


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