November. In the grocery store, where I buy daily supply every day, I found a few christmas trees and christmas decoration.
How early! Although today is colder than usual, I can still walk on the street without overcoat.
In the evening , my husband came home and said cynically, “It was quite a merry christmas in the station.”

Why Japanese loves Christmas so much, though most of them are no christians?

I can’t see how young people of today think about it, but indeed for the generation of ours, christmas was a special event. It was a symbol of higher standard of living in western countries.

I am now 48 years old. I was living in Tokyo until 6 years old, at that time there was no telephone, no bath in our rent house. The toilet had no water tank. Strangely, we had a TV (monochrome), even at that time. At school we learned Japanese tended to eat fish and were encouraged to eat more meat as a source of protein. Indeed, we were far poorer than today, and we thought than western countries, especially US. Later we found, having more information of the world, not all the people in Europe and America enjoyed beautiful lives….

Christmas eve was at the very evening in the beginning of the winter vacation. For the children at that time, who were obliged to study harder at school than now, with no PC games, no MacDonald’s or KFC, christmas illuminations and cakes had unbelievably wonderful meaning in life.

Those children are now grown up to sustain the society and economy. Their emotion for christmas might be rubbed on their children or even grandchildren. In this way Japanese are even now enthusiastic for christmas…I suppose.

I don’t have myself any party in christmas. I prefer to stay silent at home. Especially this year, I will stay praying for the people in north-eastern area in Japan, and many people killed or injured all over the world…but I still like to see christmas decorations and illuminations in the city.

And my husband? Well, in Christmas he will be at his office or on the business trip, as every year.


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