Racism seem to cause lots of problems especially in western world. No, it might be a prejudice – I should say, “I often meet with news reporting problems caused by racism, especially from news sources in the western world.”

As long as I see, here in Japan there is less racism…Japanese don’t hate foreign people for the reason of their physical characters…only they don’t accept any foreign people…who don’t speak Japanese.

The above paragraph was a joke, of course. What I really want to say is, racism might come from lack of information. To describe the appearance of a person is easy, there’s no need to communicate with or search about him.
Those further information is not automatically given, so one must try to get them. Namely, one must speak to the others, or research on him.

What would push one to spend time and effort for such information? – Curiosity. If people in the wolrd have more interest in others, less racism will go over the world – Despite that, too much curiosity for privacy would not be needed.

One might say, “It is not racism, simply to describe his physical characters,” but thinking about the regretful history, that discrimination often went with pointing out the physical characters, I think one should avoid such expression, even if he meant no hate.


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