Photos through the rain

Yesterday it rained very hard.
I went shopping to the grocery store before noon, through the rain.
I took jacket, trousers and boots, all in rubber, and wore gloves.
It was not because I was afraid of being wet (and get in contact with something in the water). I just didn’t like being touched by wet clothes.
Perfectly protected, I went out, with a compact digital camera in my hand.

I like to take pictures, while I am walking on the street. It might be the same place of every day, but the color of the sky, clouds, birds on the transmission lines, blooming and dying flowers, fallen leaves…even pebbles on the ground are different.

Especially in a rainy day, all things show different appearances. They are seen through the rain curtain.

A persimmon tree behind the rain curtain

In such a dark gray world, bright colors look more brightly. Leaves are washed and look refreshed.
Ordinary plant with white flowers, washed and beautiful


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