In the Park

This morning I went to a park nearby. It took about 30 minutes from my house on foot.
It was the one which had been newly constructed within the suburb on the hill.

When I entered, there were few people in the park. The leaves were changing their colors.
Entrance of the Satoyama Park, Chigasaki, in Autumn

I walked along the long road through the field.
The road through the park

Then there were children, all in the uniform for gymnastics, came running from over their, one after another. It was obvious, they were on the training under the teacher’s instruction.

The children in the first group were much cheerful. They ran laughing and greeted me loudly “Good Morning!”, which pleased me very much. I returned my Greet as loudly as they did.

The ones in the second group were less cheerful, namely , more exhausted. but they greeted me between their hard aspiration. I said to them “Good run!”

The ones in the third group seemed to have no more energy to greet me. They only looked at me. I just smiled at them.

And then the rest of children came, each was alone, with a long interval. They were not running, just walking with the air of disappointment. They didn’t even look at me, keeping their eyes down.

It seemed they were running along a hard course with many ups and downs.
The ascending in the park

It was a beautiful park, but for some of the children it must have been a hard training course, and, especially for ones who gave up running, a boring, painfully long way to walk.

I could understand them, because I myself was very bad at running, when I was a child. After I had grown up I became to enjoy walking and running. It’s hard to be a child in anyone’s life!
But in the future, they could recall this park to their memory with nostalgia. So keep on running, my children.


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