Again a news to regret

I have to write about a news here to regret. A considerable amount of radioactive water has flown away from the container to introduce it to the treatment system.

The Water had so high a concentration of radioactive Strontium as 130,000 becquerel in the activity, and the amount of leaked Water itself was 450,000 tons, most of which stayed in the space of the facility but 300 liter of which is suspected to have flown into the sea.

TEPCO says, the effect of the leaked water on the environment is yet under the research.

This incident is to be blamed as ignorance of the people in charge of the water treatment. The water had leaked from fractures of concrete walls of the container, which was left for as long as 21 hours with no one having noticed. TEPCO has admitted that they had had less consideration on the possibility of water leak. The government has demanded to TEPCO to cope with this case immediately.

It is to be regret that TEPCO has not yet think about the problem of their nuclear power station is not only a hazard to Japan itself but also of a world-wide concern and that every failure of it damages the credit (reliability) of Japan in the world. But what is more regretful is that we people have no choice to keep paying to such company to be provided our electricity. So long as we keep being its customer, we are more or less responsible for this world-wide infamous nuclear contamination.

So now I’m writing this. In fact, I wish I could write more creative, interesting thing or introducing my country as a bit queer but nice one. However, I think I should show the world that Japanese don’t forget about many serious matters occurring around us, though we are trying to stop fearing them and to live with hope again as before.


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