I’m very sorry that again Japan was the 2nd prize of Fossil award in COP17. While the name of Kyoto is often referred as a symbol of international collaboration to cope with environmental problem, the Japan itself was rated again the second unfriendly nation to the environment.

This year the situation was seriously deteriorated. Due to the horrible disaster of nuclear power station, Japan has contaminated air, soil and water. Contamination of water breaks my heart most. It’s quite a shame.

But I wish people in the world would wait for a while. I can’t count on the government, but I believe engineers in Japan will someday develop the best method to reduce pollution, with CO2 or radioactive elements.

Until now, researchers of those fields had not been paid much attention – “less power consumption, but low power output? nonsense!” – nowadays demands for power saving is rapidly increasing.

On the other hand, in the field of nuclear engineering, the contamination handling had been a kind of taboo, because the government and electricity industry would not admit the possibility of meltdown or global contamination. Now, who could deny it? Many laboratory of nuclear engineering would concentrate themselves on that matter.

Japan is not rich at all. Especially the present government don’t like to spend money to research and development. But there is also a way of japanese technology, to manage to make up the best thing from the lowest income. I’d like to tell Japanese children – it’s your chance to have a big dream to save your country and make a devotion to the world.

By the way, “fossil energy” – it must have the second meaning that “an old and inflexible energy production”…?


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