Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse, Dec 2011

A total lunar eclipse took place on Saturday, December 10. Luckily it was night in our timezone. And moreover, it was a beautiful weather of Winter. The sky was clear – and the air was cold.

From the window of my house, that evening, the full moon was seen until about 8PM. Then it went out of the sight.

I went out of the house. It was not until I walked 10 steps, that the moon shone high above in the sky, with many stars, already partially covered with shadow. It seemed like a usual shadowed moon, but it was remarkable, because before an hour or so I had seen it to be full.

Since it was very cold, I did not stay for a long time watching the whole process. I went to the place every thirty minutes and took photos with zoom. This camera and zoom were what my husband had used before. He did not came with me, but he taught me how to take photographs of the moon at night – at the minimum exposure. The zoom has max 400mm focus length, with which a sparrow on the electric cable overhead could be taken as large as a hen.

When the covered area on the moon increased, the moonlight turned copper-red and the whole sphere was seen vaguely. The stars around it were shining unchanged, though their light was so small that my camera couldn’t catch them. Sometimes a star or two fell down and disappeared. It was a beautiful experience.


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