Sick in Bed with Manga

Yesterday, on Tuesday, I was in bed all day long. I caught a cold.
On Monday I was in the university to take an adult education, where I often sneezed. I believed completely at that time, as if my allergy against pollen were activated, because I felt no fever or headache. I came home in the afternoon, finished all householding works, wrote something and then began feeling dizzy. I went to sleep earlier and the next day I found myself too bad to get up.

While I was lying in bed (to tell the truth, on futon), I was sleeping, or reading manga (comic drawn in a way peculiar to Japan).

It is true that in Japan even adults read manga. In our house, with only two adults of my husband and I, there are more than 100 volumes of manga books, some of which either of us had had before we met, others we bought in a decade after we married.

Manga is remarkable. However I felt dizzy, weak and exhausted, manga’s pictures and stories came into my brain and made me fun. I enjoyed 6 volumes in one day.
In other words, manga is dangerous. It would mean, while I read manga, I made work no important part of my brain.

Japanese manga is said to be much complicated for comic. Many works have complicated stories, describing various situations of the society, hearts and minds of people – but manga is nothing than manga.
Learning would be attained through difficulty, even agony to overcome the problems. Manga would give one fun, relaxation or encouragement to start working. But no matter how many manga books one may read, one would learn little, because one would have no difficulty in reading them.
Keeping this fact, one could enjoy manga – I believe.


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