Board Game

There is a board game named “The Game of Life.” It was originally created in the United States, and once a japanese version of this game was released, it has had so great a sale that is is one of the most famous board game in Japan.

Recently I found an article about this game written in a magazine, which reminded me of my childhood, when the first boom of it occurred.

I visited a friend of mine, who had this game, and it was the first time I saw it. There were several other friends and we enjoyed the game. The game seemed to me so attractive. There was beautiful pictures and many funny messages on the board. Colorful playing pieces, a roulette toy banknotes were used.

I liked to have one for myself, but in my home it was impossible. My parents were very strict to spend money for an entertainment. I even didn’t try to ask them to buy one.
Instead, I made the parts of the game by myself, with paper and color pens. I made up messages on the board, too. In place of the roulette I used a dice.

To my surprise, it was a few days after the whole game was completed, that my father bought me the very game sold in shops. He said, he saw me working on a hand-made game and felt like to reward for it.

I was really glad for that. It was not simply because I got a valuable toy, but I realized my father admitted my work and rewarded me for that. It was indeed the first experience that I was “paid” for my work.

From that time on, I always feel how wonderful is should be to make effort to earn money. Thus I’m not interested in gambling, much less in getting money by illegal ways.

On the other hand I am much anxious of increasing unemployment in a world scale. Unemployment is not only a financial problem, but a serious damage on spirits of human being. I once saw in a TV news a woman in Greece crying “We want jobs, not money!” I think people in all fields, political, financial, educational, industrial, academic, etc. must make more effort to create jobs in the whole world.


2 thoughts on “Board Game

  1. I loved that game too! Mine had a car with pegs, and you added a peg for your spouse and children. It was 3-D too. There were little plastic pieces you plugged into the board. Thanks for bring back those memories. That is a great vignette about your father, and the lesson you learned from being rewarded. You are correct; it’s not always the money, it’s the sense of accomplishment from having completed a task. Great post! :)

    • Wooow, it’s a great pleasure to share the memory of the game with you! Yes, indeed, we used a small plastic car and pegs, too! Thank you very much for your comment!

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