Run!…or, jog.

I was five or six years ago, that I started jogging. Indeed I started it in my age of 40s.
As I have often written here, I was very bad at any sports in my school years.
When I stated it, therefore, it was very hard. But I had a plan.

For the first time, I jogged just around three corners in my neighborhood.
It took as short as one minute!
But for me at that time, to keep running for one minute without pause was so much a work to breathe hard.
And I did it every morning.
After I got accustomed to it, I expanded the distance to run little by little.

Now I jog for shopping every day.
It takes 7 minutes.
On returning, I walk, because I have items in my bag.

Still only 7 minutes. but this every-day experiences make me confident, that “I could start to run anytime.”

So I jog whenever I can.
No matter how slow I may move, how small my steps may be, I definitely have some moments, that my both feet would be detached from the ground together.

Or I don’t jog only when I have a reason not to.
For example, when-
-I have an evidenced bad condition. Fever, injury…
-I have some fragile things in my bag.
-The street is too crowded.
-I am walking with someone.
-It’s hot and I have no more shirt to change. In summer time I always carry a new shirt (and a plastic bag to recover a sweaty one) in my bag, when I go out.

Indeed I am a very slow jogger.
Once my neighbor said to me, “I see you every day on the street! You are very active.”
“Thank you!” I said.
“Indeed, I can’t walk so fast as you!”

Anyway I jog every day.


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