Quo Vadis

Where are you going in such a hurry?
Anyway you couldn’t go so far, it’s a small island!

It is a “slogan” to prevent traffic accidents by overspeed driving, which was adopted by the japanese police bureau, from many options posted by people, many years ago. Even now it is quoted very often everywhere in Japan. I like it very much, too.

December is said here to be so busy a month , “when even a Philosopher will run.”
“Hey, there are only a few days left for this year!” is a usual greeting.
Since the beginning of this month, I see more people and cars on the narrow street in my small town than in the other seasons. Large wagons are stuck at the corner. Bicycles go across each other in near miss. Even a cat flew away when I opened the door a few day years ago.

But why do people turn suddenly busy, only in December? In Japan almost all social system end in March. Fiscal year, school year, they have yet more than three months to end. Nevertheless, we don’t say in March “There are only a few days for this fiscal year!”

Ordinary workers will have winter holidays only a week, 12/29-1/4, such holidays we can also take in a series of national holidays in May, so called as “Golden Week.” But people will not turn so active before spring or summer holidays as now, before winter vacation.

Active. Yes! People are in fact not so busy. They are just active. They are enjoying to move actively to prepare for christmas and the new year.

How nice! Enjoy it, then! Crowd, traffic jam, all are to be enjoyed as symbols of this season. Even an irritated feeling being kept waiting is an annual event. Only don’t hurt others or yourself.


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