Shivering Lips

My lips are now shivering in the cold wind of winter.
Why did I say such a thing?

My post of today has also started with a famous saying in Japan. It expresses a guilty feeling of one who had said some improper things. Though the actual saying is to be “wind of autumn,” I modified it to fit for the present season.

I often listen to the online radio of BBC, and today racially insulting remarks among the players in famous English football teams, during some matches, has been reported repeatedly.

I’m so sorry to hear the players on both sides, with excellent skills and physical strength, are agonized in human relationships.

Some players might be immature as a citizen.
Or – Football is an aggressive game, in which players often fight for the ball through hard physical contact with each other. So some players might get heated-up and give unconsciously a nasty word.
Or – by the same reason, some players might get nervous at the words which are thrown at them.
Or – there might be a difference in translation of some words between different languages.
I don’t know the truth.
Nobody would know it.
Even the very ones, having said the word and heard it, might be now confused about the true fact.

Did they really said, or meant that? – pursuing that don’t seems to lead to the solution.
Argument, verdict and penalty – they seems only to deepen the gap between both sides. The worst thing would be that the supporters fall into conflict.

I think the best solution is that people in question should directly communicate with each other.
So, they will know what their counterpart are thinking and doing “now”. Instead of the truth in the past, it might be much closer to the solution.

Could FIFA set such a rule that players involved to the racial conflict must play in the same team against – for example- the world-wide selected team of youth?


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