Counting Night

Yesterday I wrote about the memories of Christmas eve when I was a child.
Then how I spent last Christmas eve yesterday?

Yesterday was my husband at home. It was miracle, because these years he was usually out on a business trip in this season.

Nevertheless, we didn’t have so big a event.
In the daytime we went to downtown for some shopping. We bought some travel utilities, stationery, books, etc.

For the supper I cooked curry and rice.

This is my christmas tree. I made it from paper and used chopsticks two years ago. Now we don’t use disposable chopsticks to save forestal resource.

At night we had a piece of chocolate cake for each, and sparkling soft drink. My husband doesn’t drink, and I had drunk the previous day. I make it a rule not to drink for two days repeatedly.

My husband said, “Recently I can’t find so much interesting softs for Mac,”
I said, “Maybe now much of them are bundled,”
“What do you mean an interesting bundled soft, for example?”
I started to count them up, “iPhoto, iMovie…”

Then I got a mail from a friend of mine. He must have been drunk. He wrote to me he would like to count up famous rock guitarists one by one, so as the initial of the family name of each to range from A to Z. But he stuck at E.
“Do you know someone with the initial E for his family name?” he wrote.

I sent him the response immediately : “Master, you must not forget Eric Clapton or Eddie van Halen.”
He wrote me back: “I said family name, not first name”

Then I tried to remember, with help of my husband, a guitarist with the initial E for the family name. All We knew was Mattias Edklundh. I wrote him the name.

Then my husband said, “Don’t we listen to the music? What album do you like?”
I said, “Well, as an album for Christmas….”
“You don’t need to stick to Christmas.”

But I counted up 7 albums I feel like to listen to Christmas eve. I intended to count 10, but could find only 7. I did not want to compromise.

1. Reckoning Night – Sonata Arctica
2. The Divine Wings of Tragedy – Symphony X
3. Vengeance – Celesty
4. Twilightning – Twilightning
5. Underworld – Adagio
6. Helloween/Walls o Jerico – Helloween
7. Sonic Firestorm – Dragonforce

Mmmmmm, my selection might be a bit maniac…three of the seven are by Finn bands.
Some of the titles might not be proper for Christmas, but all have fair melodies.

In this way I spent much time of Christmas eve by counting up something.


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