In the plane

I don’t board on a plane so often. Today I was so lucky that I could have a seat near the window in the plane, when we flew back home (I thank my husband to have given me that seat.)

Moreover I could see one wing of the plane. I saw it consistent of many parts, each of which had a complicate motion as the plane ascended and descended.

As I watched the change in landscape, I thought “What an incredible machine has the human being ever created!”

No, it was only a few people in the world that had created such a machine. For example, I had not involved in this great innovation, but only make use of it.

I think that a total amount of “effort” in the world might be preserved. If one is saved from a work, it would be because the other one anywhere makes an additional work.
It is often said, “Machines had made our life convenient” – the truth is “People who had made machines had made our life convenient.” I could sleep in a plane, because certein people had prepared this plane without sleep.

So I don’t want some technology simply to be abandoned, for the reason it might have disadvantages. Defect of a technology might be corrected by another. Some might have to suspended for a while to stop its bad effect, but in the future, it would be improved and used again.

What is the pity is that I myself have no direct contribution to any given technology. But as a technical writer, I wish to give young people, who are to be an engineer, as many hints as I can – while I was thinking such things, the plane landed on Haneda airport.


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